Direct Simulation Monte Carlo method (DSMC) for chemically reacting gases

Physical and chemical kinetics of nonthermal particles in the planetary atmospheres can be rigorously described by a set of nonlinear Boltzmann type equations with the source terms. For the numerical analysis of nonthermal particle kinetics and dynamics the discrete mathematical model is used. This model is developed on the base of the probabilistic description of the collisional aeronomical processes and is realized on a computer as the numerical system (stochastic model).

Generally, the stochastic simulation may be presented as a numerical realization of one of the physical-probabilistic analogues of the considered physical process. The essence of this approach consists in constructing a stochastic process, the probabilistic description of which is connected to the kinetic description of considered physical process. Then, instead of a direct solution of these stochastic equations, the constructed stochastic process is manifold times simulated in a computer realization using the Monte-Carlo algorithms. All necessary physical characteristics may be estimated from the computer realizations of this stochastic process.

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This approach can be considered as a strictly Markovian modification of the Monte Carlo Direct Simulation (MCDS) method.

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