Catalogue of eclipsing variables

Catalogue of eclipsing variables (CEV) is the world's principal database of eclipsing binary systems with available classification. CEV contains identifications, classifications, photometry, periods, eclipses data, spectral types, references and notes for 7196 systems.
Download all files as a single archive (~0.6MB)
If CEV was helpful for your research work, the following acknowledgement would be appreciated: "This research has made use of the Catalogue of Eclipsing Variables, CEV (Avvakumova et al. 2013), available from Institute of Astronomy (Russian Academy of Sciences) and from VizieR".

The correct reference to CEV is:
"Eclipsing variables: catalogue and classification", Avvakumova E.A., Malkov O.Yu., Kniazev A.Yu. 2013, Astronomische Nachrichten, 334, 859. The PDF is available here (~0.1MB).

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