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Institute of Astronomy of the RAS
Pyatnitskaya str., 48
Moscow, 119017 Russia

Phone: (7-495)-9512735
Fax: (7-495)-951-55-57

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I was born in 1968 in Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk then). Soon after my birth I was moved (I was not able to move on my own in those times, you know) in Novouljanovsk, small town to the south of Uljanovsk. I spent nearly 17 years there: kindergarten, school, pioneer organization, komsomol... However happy these years were, I left school without sorrow and moved back to Ekaterinburg (still Sverdlovsk in that time) in 1985. There I entered my alma mater - Urals State University. Wonderful years of study and fun were interrupted by the service in the Soviet Army (1987-1989). I have graduated from the university in 1992 and worked there as a teacher till the fall of 1994. Since that time my life and work is bound to the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences. I was post-graduate student here and now I am research scientist. In 1997 (May 19) I have got my PhD degree at the Astro-Space Center of the Lebedev Physical Institute. The title of my dissertation is "The influence of dynamical processes on the chemical evolution of the gas-stellar systems". The second doctoral degree has been defended in 2004.

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